Bookshelf Ideas to Make Your Bookshelf More Attractive

Bookshelf Ideas to Make Your Bookshelf More Attractive

Reading is fun, isn’t it? If you love reading, you probably have lots of books. If you have lots of books, chances are you also have a bookshelf to store them. Most bookshelves look ordinary and not special. Yours don’t have to be like that. You can make it more attractive. Need inspiration for that? Just read on. Below we listed some bookshelf ideas that will help you make your bookshelf much more attractive.

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Make It Personal

First and foremost, make it personal. That is, decorate the bookshelf with items that you like. For example, family photos, pieces of art, unique frames, photo collages, and so on. You can even showcase your favorite books, too. Again, just make it personal.

Create Stylish Cube Shelves

Most bookshelves have a cube or rectangular shape. While they are common shapes, you can transform them into something extraordinary. How? By adding style to them. Don’t allow the shelves to look as they are. Instead, try to decorate them with multiple colors and interesting shapes.

You can get colors from the books and interesting shapes from other accessories (like baskets, for example). This works especially well if the bookshelf is white. The colors and the shapes will be highlighted by the bookshelf’s white, turning them into focal points of the room.

Turn the Shelves into Book Trees

The next idea in our bookshelf ideas list is to create book trees. An ordinary bookshelf looks, well, ordinary. It is mostly functional with only a bit of aesthetical value. Fortunately, ordinary bookshelves are not the only options. Rather than going for an ordinary bookshelf, choose book trees as your bookshelf instead.

Book trees are basically wall-mounted shelves. Each shelf has V shapes, which allows books to be stored in it. Book trees are usually arranged vertically. From afar, it looks like a tree. This is the reason why it is known as book trees.

Install a Curtain or Two

Books are often covered in dust. It is not a major problem but it is quite annoying. To prevent dust from sticking on your books, you can install a curtain or two. A curtain will protect the books from dust. Not only that, since there are many kinds of curtains, it will be easy to find a curtain that can complement the look of your bookshelf. You can even make the curtain as the focal point of the room if you want.

Paint It with Contrasting Colors

Lastly, paint the bookshelf with contrasting colors. Although many bookshelves only have one color, that doesn’t mean a bookshelf can only have one color. In fact, painting a bookshelf with contrasting colors can make it much more attractive and interesting.

For example, you can paint a bookshelf with colors like mustard yellow and barn red. The contrast between these colors gives off a cheerful and vibrant vibe. Of course, you can try other contrasting colors as well.

So, which one of these bookshelf ideas that you are going to try? Whichever it is, we hope our ideas above help you to make your bookshelf look much, much more attractive.

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