4+ Coffee Place Design That You’d Want to Try In 2020

4 Coffee Place Design That You’d Want to Try

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Looking for inspiration for your own coffee place? We can help you with that. Below, we listed some ideas of coffee place design that will inspire you. Since our ideas are quite diverse, you are likely to find one that you like the most. Alright, without further ado, here are our ideas that you’d want to try.

1. Play Area

Do you know that coffee places that have a play area become more and more popular in Northern Europe? People who go to coffee places have a diverse background. Of course, this includes parents with children as well.

If a coffee place has a play area, chances are parents with children would like it. Not only that, if the coffee place has good coffee and service, there is a good chance that these parents will tell other parents with children, too.

A play area in a coffee place doesn’t need to be large or complex. For example, a separated space with crayons, papers, a bookcase with children books and several board games will suffice. Both the parents and children will like a coffee place that has these.

2. Art Gallery

The next coffee place design is to make an art gallery inside the coffee place. Visiting a coffee place to get a cup of delicious coffee is only one among many reasons why people visit a coffee place. There are many other reasons, like making a new experience, taking a break, meeting new people, or even simply to enjoy the coffee’s atmosphere. An art gallery will surely make a coffee place much more attractive for these visitors.

Of course, your option is not limited to paintings only. You can also add works of art like wrought-iron frames, wooden sculptures, handmade jewelry, chalk masks and so on.

3. Pottery Café

Among the many reasons why people visit a coffee place is to make a new experience. Making a pottery café is a good way to provide visitors with a new experience. After all, how many people have ever playing around with pottery while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee? That’s right. Not many.

All that is needed is to invite visitors to pick a pottery work, like a chalk statue, a small ceramic or a cup, and paint them with a brush. The best thing about a pottery café is that it not only accommodates adults but also children as well, making it available for all ages.

4. Customizable Interior Walls

Customizable interior walls are an almost always good choice. How could it not? With such walls, you can change the look of the café any time you want. And with a change in look, the feel of the room will change too.

Want to make it even more interesting? Turn the walls into a big blackboard on which the visitors can write or draw whatever is on their mind. This will make the café memorable for the visitors.

Feeling inspired yet? There are various ways to design your own coffee place. The above are just some ideas of coffee place design. Creativity is the most important thing here, so don’t be afraid to experiment. Good luck!


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