21+ Contemporary Interior Design: The Basics You Must Know

If you like to follow the current trend and modern stuff, chances are you like the contemporary interior design as well. Do you know about the contemporary design? Or perhaps want to know more about it? Either way, we can help you. Here we will tell you about some of the basics the design so that you can implement the main characteristic of the contemporary style by yourself. Ready? Let’s start.

Space and Line

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The contemporary interior design utilizes the space and lines in a unique way. For the space, while many other interior designs try to fill as much space as possible, the contemporary design leaves the space as is. It is basically ‘less is more’ in terms of pieces of furniture.

For the lines, typically the lines, be it horizontal, vertical or curve, are bold and visible. These lines can be found everywhere in a room with a contemporary design.


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Just like any other interior design, there are main colors for contemporary design. The main colors of this design are white, neutrals and black. Although the color options are not that many, they look really good.

Usually, these colors are contrasted with each other. Black is generally used to define and ground the room, while the lighter colors are used to complement it. For example, while the walls are painted in a white or neutral color, the accessories have black or bolder color.


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What kind of furniture used in a room with contemporary design? Geometric, clean and smooth are the essentials. Often times, the pieces of furniture are simple and uncluttered, sometimes without decoration or curves.

What about the colors? The colors are usually white, neutrals or black. One of many ways to highlight the pieces of furniture is to paint the background with a neutral color. This should allow furniture with bold color to stand out, thus creating an interesting focal point without overwhelming the space.


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What about the flooring? Just like most parts of the interior, the flooring is also simple as well.  There are three main options: tile, wood or vinyl. All of these materials should be smooth and bare. You can add a carpet in case you want to add warmth to the room. Just be sure to choose one that is plain or with matching color or pattern with the surrounding.


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Lastly, the lighting. Two ideal options for the contemporary interior are recessed lighting and track lighting. The lighting here is to provide enough light to a room but without overwhelming it. In other words, the lighting is just enough. Neither too dim nor too bright.

The lighting in a contemporary interior is also used to highlight the accessories in the room as well. For example, a print, painting, poster sculpture and so on. These accessories are often highlighted with track lighting, which makes the art piece even more stand out.
Other Image for Ideas

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Image Source: smalldesignideas.com


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These are some of the basics of contemporary interior design. That you know the basics of the design, you can apply it to your interior and make it more interesting.

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