20+ Cozy Reading Nook Ideas

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10 Cozy Reading Nook Ideas

For bookworm peoples, they surely need a space for themselves to enjoy their free time, to have some hot chocolate on rainy days while reading their most favorite books. Or a place to save their books collection. A small space would be so cozy and comfortable if we know what to do with that space. Like where to put the bookshelf, where we can sit to reading the books and what theme we can apply for the area.
For you who are a beginner to decorate or design your own reading nook, here are some reading nook ideas that you can apply to your space. Begin it simply and you always can improve the area to make it more comfortable and cozier.

1. Birdcage Nook

This simple birdcage nook allows you to read your favorite book while swaying gently enjoying the time. Let you remember your days in swaying baby cage. You can decorate it with a small pillow too to make it more comfortable.

2. Under Stairs Area

If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you must know that Harry’s bedroom was a small space under the stairs. You can use this idea for your reading nook by putting a lot of pillows to make it comfy and cozy enough for you to read your favorite books.

3. Scandinavian Stairway Reading Nook

Maximize the use of stairway by making it into a bookshelf. Then you can put a cozy little bed and pillows for your reading spot.

4. Built For Two Reading Nook

Reading nook for two? Why not? You can simply arrange your space so it would fit for two peoples. Then you can enjoy reading alone, or take your friend to share stories.

5. Near The Window

We can get natural lighting from the sun when reading near the window. Sometimes, space near the window was left empty and just bland. But, you can turn it to a cozy place for reading.

6. Read The Day Away

Placing a long bench near the window and put some pillows on it. The bookcase under it makes you easy to take another book to read.

7. Dream Library Reading Nook

Book lovers simple dream would be having their own library for their collection books. Arranging them in the bookshelf based on author, adding sofa or reading table along with pillows, then the dream library is done.

8. Simple Unique Reading Nook

Having wood bookshelf on your reading corner make it a unique room yet simple with one cozy sofa and enough lighting.

9. Balcony Reading Nook

Wanna get some fresh air while reading? Just settle bench seats and table in your balcony area. Now you get a new place for enjoyable reading with a view.

10. Reading Nook Bean Bag

The simplest reading nook could be only with a bean bag to sit. Just put a giant bean bag at the area you like to read, give some lighting and voila! Your new reading area is ready to use.

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