23 Kid Room Ideas You Must Try In 2020

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The kid’s room should be the place where children play and rest. As such, it needs to be attractive, playful, and of course, comfortable. Are you looking for some kid room ideas? If you are, you’d want to read on. Here, we listed several ideas that you must try. Let’s start.

Choose the Proper Color

What kind of mood do you want the kid’s room to provide? Each color provides a different mood. For example, a soft blue wall will provide a calming mood while a lavender wall will help the children to sleep. So, choose the color that you see fit for your children.

Chalkboard Wall

A kid’s room needs to be fun and enables children to be creative. One of kid room ideas that can accommodate creativity is to paint a wall in the room with chalkboard paint. This will allow your child to draw anything they like and redecorate their room whenever they want.

Kid “Office”

By office we don’t mean like a working place. It is an “office,” a place where they can do their homework. Having a separate space which is away from distractions like this should help children to concentrate on their homework.

Create a Reading Nook

Having a simple reading nook in the kid’s room will be nice. It will help to organize books and make the reading time easier and more comfortable. You don’t need a lot to create a reading nook. A simple bookcase with your child’s favorite book, proper lighting, and comfortable seating will be enough.

Make a Gallery

If your child loves to draw, you should create a gallery where they can showcase their masterpieces. Here’s an inexpensive way to create a gallery: use a string wire, tie in on a wall and stretch them to the wall in the opposite direction. Voila! Now your child can showcase their drawings.

Another way to create a gallery is by using clear acrylic frames. This time, rather than hanging them on a string wire, your child’s masterpieces stick to the wall with the frames.

Extra Storage

Extra storage in the kid’s room will be very, very helpful for many parents. Extra storage will help in making your child’s stuff, be it toys, sunglasses, or hair ties, more organized.

Create a Playing Area

Remember, a kid’s room should be fun. Children love to have a playing area inside their room. So, create a separate space to be your child’s playing area. To make things even more fun, use materials that can spark the imagination.

A Standout Bed

A standout bed will make the kid’s room more fun and comfortable. Unlike a regular bed, a stand out bed looks far interesting. Stand out beds come in various size and shape. For example, a treehouse shape, a house shape, a car, and so on. Choose one that your child likes the most.

These are our kid room ideas. Which one of the ideas above piquse your interest? Don’t be afraid to get creative. Make it as attractive, playful and comfortable for your children as possible. We hope that helps.

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