5+ Staircase Design Ideas to Improve the Stairs 2020

Staircase Design Ideas to Improve the Stairs

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Let’s admit it. The staircase is among the last things that we think of when we plan to redecorate the house. This is not surprising. Many homeowners think like that as well. As a result, many staircases are only functional. They don’t look good, let alone attractive. Do you want to improve yours? If you do, you may want to read on. We listed some staircase design ideas below to help you improve your staircase.

1. Wall

First and foremost, patterned wall. That’s right. You don’t need to change the staircase to make it more appealing. Putting patterns on the wall beside the staircase works just as well in changing the appearance of the staircase. This works particularly well if the staircase is mostly white since the white color will become the background, thus allowing the patterns on the wall to stand out.

2. Colorful Adhesive Tapes

This is a perfect option if you want to add multiple colors and patterns to your staircase. With colorful adhesive tapes, you can create many patterns that have a significant effect on the staircase’s looks. A good example is a waterfall-like pattern. Unlike the other ideas here, you can be a bit random and messy with the adhesive tapes.


Similar to colorful mix tapes, stripes can have a significant effect too. For stripes, however, you need to be a bit consistent in the placement. For example, if the stripes started from the middle of the steps, continue to do so for the subsequent steps until the last step. Similarly, if the stripes are started on one side of the steps, continue the stripes on the same side. As for the color of the stripes, choose one that contrasts and balances the color of the steps.

4. Blue and White

Next in our staircase design tip is to use blue and white as the main colors of the staircase. Blue and white combination can do wonder to just about any space. The staircase is obviously not an exception to that. If you want a design that always works regardless of time and situation, use blue and white as the main colors of your staircase.

5. Stencils

Want to have a more traditional look for your staircase? Use stencils to decorate the steps. What colors should you use for the stencils? That depends on the base colors of the stairs. For example, if the stairs are mostly white with a few wooden surfaces on it, painting the steps with light blue shades and simple patterns is a great idea.

6. Elegant Black

A black staircase looks very elegant. Especially if you use lots of wooden surface on the stairs. Things that have darker colors and wooden surface give off an elegant vibe. Of course, this applies to a staircase as well. So if you want an elegant staircase, consider using wooden surface and darker colors for the steps.

What do you think about staircase design ideas above? Exciting, isn’t it? If you want to try any of them, don’t forget to add your own style to it. That will make the staircase looks and feels more personalized. We hope those ideas help.

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