Have a Small Backyard? Check Out Our Swimming Pool Design Ideas Here

Having a small backyard is not an excuse not to create your own swimming pool. The fact is, even with a small backyard, you can create an amazing swimming pool. Don’t know how to do so? Worry not. Below, we listed swimming pool design ideas for a small backyard. Read on and you may get inspiration to design your own swimming pool.

image source; yourpoolbuilder.com

1. Plunge Pool

If you can’t make a long and wide swimming pool, focus instead on creating a deep pool. A plunge swimming pool is a pool that has small size yet is deep enough to allow you to relax and soak in the water. Although you can’t swim in it, it still makes a good relaxing spot.

2. Spa and Pool

Enabling you to swim is just one of the many functions of a swimming pool. Another function of a swimming pool is a spa. Indeed, rather than letting your swimming pool be an ordinary swimming pool, turn it into a pool and a spa. It is a clever space-saving way while at the same time, maximizing the pool’s functions. A pool and a spa make a great spot for relaxation.

3. Lap Pool

The next swimming pool design is a lap pool. This is an ideal option if you have a rather long house. Instead of leaving the side of your house empty, turn it into a long lap pool. While the pool may not be wide, its length is enough to create a stunning look.

You can make a lap pool looks even more stunning by adding proper lighting around the swimming pool. This way, the swimming pool is not just fully functional but also aesthetical as well.

4. Garden Pool

Do you have a garden in your backyard? If you do, why not create a swimming pool alongside the garden? The looks of a swimming pool with a garden beside it are just enchanting. How could it not? The blue water looks as if it is a pond that complements the garden. It is as if you have your own small lake in your backyard.

A small swimming pool can benefit from the natural elements that a garden has. Despite its size, the swimming pool will still look amazing.

5. Infinity Pool

Borders make us realize the size of things. Of course, this includes a swimming pool as well. If you have a small swimming pool, one of many ways to make it appears larger than it really is to blur the pool’s borders. How to blur the borders? Create an infinity pool.

An infinity pool’s borders are unclear. As such, it creates the impression of a large swimming pool even if in reality, the swimming pool is not large. An infinity pool looks great, too. Its amazing look is a reason enough to create one in your backyard.

Of course, the swimming pool design ideas above are some examples among many. You can imitate the ideas above as they are, imitate and add your own personal touch or even create your own design. That is for you to decide.

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